Thumbs Are Cool(2019)

I only have 5 weeks to do this project I was able to get the models and seen together but I was having trouble using cat animation. I have to completely start over all of my animations for 3 weeks. I was able to put this together for the last two weeks. In the last scene with him running back and forth, I was able to use the motion capture in animation from the mixamo website. I just had the dinosaur running in place and I just had the scene moving left and right.

Animation – Running Man hitting with a stick.

My main goal was to have the model swing a stick while running.  I use the website Maximo. I uploaded the model up to the website and picked out the animations I wanted. Then I use 3D Max CAT Capture Animation to add the FBX files to my model.

At first, I had trouble trying to mix the two animations together and I was stuck for a while. It was until I realize that I can’t use a two-handed switch I need you one-handed because of the waste bone.




So I changed the capture animation. Now using an animation that only has one-handed swing and it works a lot better now.

Game World Builder

First I like to point out I did not model any of these objects in the game. I simply put the models trying to set up a believable post-apocalypse grocery store.   I had never use Unreal Game Engine 4 before. I have many differences with the size of the models being too small and the textures not being there. I have to reassign the textures for every model.  Also it took me a longer than I thouth to put down the objects.  Trying to make everything looked livedin and how would someone living there put suff down.

Mini Gun

One of the projects I did was making a mini gun and a car mount for it.

First I need to pick the reference I’m basing the gun on.

Using the car model I was given I use 3D Max to see how the gun looks on the car and how big it should be.


So then I’m models minigun in 3D Max.


After I finish Modeling the gun, I also to see tested to see how the gun looks on the car and determine that there needs a mount also.

 Click for 3D View.